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Introduction to the Inventory Tab

The Inventory Tab is the central location in opentaps for managing inventory, but it is not the only one. We will include discussion here of some Inventory related functionality that is contributed in other system areas such as:

  • setting the required inventory stock levels, which is done in the Product Catalog area,
  • setting the reservation method (and backorder) of inventory for an order, which is configured either in the Product Catalog area, or in the Facilities area,
  • receiving Inventory from an internal manufacturing operation, which is done from the production run itself,
  • moving Inventory between warehouses as transfers, is initiated in the Material Resource Planning (MRP) area as automatically generated requests or requirements,
  • creating a new Warehouse facility, which is handled in Warehouse or in the Facility section that is accessible to System Administrators.

Adjusting the Inventory valuation, which is handled in Financials > Ledger Tab, is presented in another section of Inventory Processes.

In all the other following topics we will keep our focus on management of the actual inventory operations using the Inventory Tab. Click: any of the following links to topics and screens that deliver Inventory functionality.

Current Inventory

Change Warehouses -- Use this button to select the Warehouse that you want to manage.

Product Inventory Information -- Use this screen to find Inventory items with a search based upon the Product ID, serial number, lot number, or location in the warehouse.

Edit Inventory Item Screen -- Use this screen to edit the Inventory information for a specific Inventory Item.

Inventory Stock Levels -- This topic deals with specifying the required inventory stock levels used to generate Requirements for reordering. The topic also deals with your rules for replenishment from a backup warehouse you are using.

Find Receipts Screen -- Use this screen to get a list of when you have received specific products, by searching for specified information in the receipt records.

Reserving Inventory for Orders

Reserving Inventory for Orders -- This topic discusses how inventory reservations are configured, and the various choices available for controlling reservation behavior of the system.

Back Orders Functionality

Open Back Orders Screen -- Use this screen to search for open back orders based on several criteria you specify.

Receiving Inventory

Receive Against PO -- Use this screen to receive products against open purchase orders.

Receive Inventory Item Screen -- Use this screen to receive an item without specifying an open purchase order.

Receiving Inventory from Production Runs -- This topic explains how inventory is stocked from an internal Production Run.

Processing Product Returns -- This topic explains how inventory is stocked from Returned Products.

Moving/Changing Inventory

Transfer Inventory Screen -- Initiate and complete Inventory Transfers between warehouses.

Transfer Shipment -- Use Transfer Shipment to implement one or several transfer requests as a shipment of the requested inventory items between different warehouse facilities.

Move Stock -- Use Stock Moves to relocate inventory items in a warehouse from a bulk storage location to a pick and pack location where items are gathered for outgoing shipments in that warehouse.

Adjust Quantities Screen -- Use Adjust Quantities to find a specified type of inventory item(s), to display all of the inventory entries for the item(s), and then to make adjustments of the quantities recording the reason for such changes.

Tracking Inventory

Managing Serialized Inventory -- Use Serialized Inventory to search for and manage inventory by the serial numbers captured upon initial receipt or manufacture of such items.

Lot Level Inventory Tracking -- Use Lot numbered inventory to search for and manage inventory by the Lot Numbers captured upon initial receipt or manufacture of such items.

Trace Inventory Screen -- Trace inventory usage forwards or backwards, to see how a particular inventory item or inventory lot is used or was originally created.

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