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The Inventory Transfer function moves inventory from specific Inventory Items in a selected Warehouse to a different Warehouse where additional inventory is required.

To access this function proceed as follows:

*  From the Main Navigation screen Click: Warehouse Icon > Inventory Tab
*  Click: [Transfer Inventory] button
*  The of several "Inventory Transfer" screen opens 

There are three buttons displayed on the first screen:

  • [Active and Inactive] - displays either the "Active" or the "Active and Inactive" transfers (for example transfers that are already completed).
  • [Complete Requested Transfers] - initiates completion of requested transfers
  • [Inventory Transfer] - initiate an inventory transfer request

Initiate an Inventory Transfer

*  Select the Warehouse that you will use for the source of your transfer, verify that you are 
     currently in that warehouse by looking at the "Warehouse:" name in the upper right hand 
     corner of the screen.  [Change] to the correct source warehouse if needed.
*  Click: [Inventory Transfer] to initiate a transfer 
*  Enter the "Inventory Item ID" you will use as the source for the transferred items. 
     Note: This  is not the Product ID, it is the Inventory Item ID listed in the 
   Find Inventory Item Screen listing.
*  Click: [Get Item]
*  The "Inventory Transfer from warehouse-name" screen opens, where warehouse-name is for 
     the warehouse you selected in the first step. The quantity on hand for the Product is displayed.
*  Refer to the next figure, which displays this screen.
*  Look at "Product ID" -- Verify that the product to be transferred is the correct one.
*  Click: [Now] on the line labeled "Transfer Send Date", if necessary edit the entry after 
     you click [Now] to reflect the desired send date.  (Don't change the format of the entry, 
     just the numbers.)
*  "To Facility" line -- select the destination warehouse from the drop down box.
     (Don't use the Container entry box.)
*  Enter or lookup the Location to use for this inventory in the destination warehouse.
*  Provide optional comments regarding this transfer.
*  Quantity To Transfer -- Enter the quantity of product to transfer from the Inventory Item 
     we have specified above.
*  Click: [Transfer] to create the transfer request.


Note: Each Inventory Transfer addresses a specific "Inventory Item ID" which pertains to the quantity of one product which has moved into inventory of your source warehouse in the past, and seeks to move some or all of it to another warehouse.

Complete a Requested Inventory Transfer

After you click [Transfer] in the above procedure, the following "Transfer Inventory" screen opens to display transfer requests that are pending completion.

THIS FIGURE IS OBSOLETE: Image:Transferinventory2.png

To complete a requested inventory transfer, from the "Transfer Inventory" screen displaying your requested transfer as in the figure,

*  From the display box listing your requested transfers you can review them as follows:
*  To review the transfer request, Click: [Edit] or the Transfer ID entry.
*  To review the source inventory item for this transfer, 
      Click: "the Item column entry (ID number)" the Edit Inventory Item Screen opens
*  Click: [Complete Requested Transfers] to complete the requested transfers.
      (Caution: once you click this button the transfer completes without any more screens.)