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This screen allows you to receive products to your warehouse. Once you enter the product ID, UPC, or SKU, opentaps will look up your product and show the product ID, any other IDs associated with the product such as SKU or UPC, and the internal name of the product. It will also show any open sales orders which are waiting for this product.

When you choose between serialized or non-serialized inventory, opentaps will either allow you to enter the serial number (for serialized) or lot ID and quantity (for non-serialized) inventory.

You may receive the item by entering the following information:

  • Item Description - Enter a brief description of the item to distinguish it from other inventory items.
  • Date Received - This is the date and time you are receiving the inventory item, and will be set to the current date and time by default.
  • Facility Location - Enter the internal ID of the facility location the item is being received to. You may enter the ID manually or search for it using the lookup widget.
  • Lot ID - Enter the internal ID of the lot number to tag this inventory item to a particular lot. You may enter the ID manually or search for it using the lookup widget. Clicking the [Create New] button will open a new window where you can create a new lot. Lot numbers are only available for non-serialized items.
  • Quantity Accepted - Enter the number of units of the product that you are receiving if the item is not serialized.
  • Serial Number - If your item is serialized, the enter the serial number here.
  • Per Unit Price - Enter the value of a single unit of the product.

Clicking the [Receive] button will receive the item and take you to the Edit Inventory Item Screen.

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