Find Receipts Screen

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To open the Find Receipts screen proceed as follows:

* From the Main Navigation screen Click: Warehouse > Inventory > [Find Receipts] button.
* The Find Receipts screen opens.

This screen can be used to find out when a purchase order for several products, or when multiple orders including one product were received. You can search for these receipts with the following two fields and one option:

  • Purchase Order -- enter the ID of the purchase order to find all the items received on that purchase order
  • Product -- enter the internal product ID or UPC or SKU to find all the times a particular product was received.
  • Show Allocated Orders Only? -- display only receipts which have been allocated to outstanding sales orders (waiting to ship). Usually, these would be back orders that the receipt would fulfill.

The list of receipts will show the following:

  • Date and time received: when this receipt took place
  • Purchase Order ID: order Id of the purchase order
  • Product: internal name and internal ID of the product
  • Qty Received: quantity received, net of any rejected
  • Allocated Orders: what sales orders this receipt is allocated to.
  • Received By: user login ID of the user who received the item