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Product Inventory Information

To access this page from the Main Navigation screen proceed as follows:

* Click: Warehouse Icon
* Look at the "Warehouse" listed in the upper right hand corner of the screen to confirm 
    that it is the one you want to access.  
* If needed, Click: [Change] to select the desired Warehouse
* Click: Inventory Tab > [Adjust Quantities] button in the Shortcut Box.
* The "Adjust Available/On Hand Quantities" screen opens to the product search form.
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This screen is intended let you view or adjust the inventory quantities of your products in the currently selected warehouse. The system will display both the available to promise (ATP) and quantity on hand (QOH) quantities for the each inventory item, and the product total ATP/QOH across all the inventory items for your product. Note that you may have several inventory items per product, according to the different times when each quantity of the item was received or manufactured.

Viewing or Adjusting Product Inventory

To view or adjust product inventory data proceed as follows:

* Starting at the "Adjust Available/On Hand Quantities" page, the search form,
* Enter all or the first part of the productId or the SKU, UPC, or other id of the product, or
* Enter the beginning of its internal name 
* Click: [Find Inventory Item]
* An "Inventory Item" table opens displaying all of the selected product Inventory Items in 
     your warehouse.  

This table displays the following items where each column heading is a link to sort the table:

* Click: any colum heading to  sort the table as desired
  • Inventory Item Id -- ID for each quantity of inventory received
  • Product Id -- the product ID your search pulled up
  • Lot ID -- the lot number if used
  • Internal Name -- your internal name for this product
  • Item ATP -- available to promise for this particular inventory item
  • Item QOH -- quantity on hand from this particular inventory item
  • Product ATP -- total reported quantity that is available to promise (sell)
  • Product QOH -- total reported quantity on hand
* Enter: the data as needed to adjust the reported inventory:
  • Variance Reason -- Select: the reason for adjusting the quantities from drop down box
  • Variance -- Enter: the difference in actual versus reported inventory, a positive number if you have more of this item than the system thinks, or a enter a negative number if you have fewer items
* Click: [Apply Variance] button when you're ready to adjust both the ATP (available to promise) 
     and QOH (quantity on hand) 

The total for the product for all your inventory items is adjusted by the variance amount at the same time.