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As opentaps processes orders and reserves inventory for the fulfillment processing, and produces Material Resource Planning (MRP) reports, the need is identified for movement of inventory from bulk storage locations in a warehouse to the primary inventory reservation location. Sometimes a stock move is created by Picklists when shipments are being readied.

The "Stock Move" signals the need to transfer warehouse inventory from bulk locations to primary (pick and pack) locations for outgoing sales order shipments. The "Stock Move" table summarizes these needs for inventory relocation and provides a simple way to check off the movements as they are accomplished.

Also, note that "Stock Moves" are based on data about the physical location of each inventory item of the products. Describing the inventory location works like this:

  • First the physical location is defined within the warehouse floor plan,
  • Then the product is designated to be stocked in its physical location, and
  • Finally the actual inventory is received and stocked into the specified location(s).
  • These inventory stocking locations are either primary (for pick and pack operations), or they are bulk locations (for backup stock in bulk packaging).

For more information about locations refer to Inventory Locations.

To use "Stock Moves", navigate from the Main Navigation screen as follows:

* Click: Warehouse Icon > Inventory Tab > [Stock Moves] button
* The "Stock Moves" screen opens displaying the table of "Stock Moves Needed"

The table shows you a list of the stock moves which are required, and their from and to locations. You can then record which of the stock moves have been completed, at the bottom using the [Confirm selected moves] button.

This table includes the following data items:

  • Product ID -- ID of the product being moved
  • Product -- Internal name of the product
  • From Location -- physical location designated for bulk supply of the product
  • QOH -- quantity on hand of the bulk supply
  • ATP -- available to promise of the bulk supply
  • To Location -- the primary warehouse location to which inventory should be moved
  • QOH -- current quantity on hand at the primary inventory location
  • ATP -- available to promise at the primary inventory location
  • Minimum Stock -- minimum stock (ATP) you have specified in the product catalog Locations Tab, which is located here: Catalog Icon > Product Section > Locations Sub-Tab in the "Primary" location line item
  • Move Quantity -- the move quantity you have specified in the Locations Tab just described
  • Confirm -- Enter the number of product items actually moved to primary location
  • Select -- Check Box for you to indicate when the Warehouse Team has completed this Stock Move
  • Select all -- The select box for the whole list of moves
* [Confirm selected moves] button -- to record the selected moves have been accomplished

This completes the "Stock Moves" operation.