Using Store Policy Tabs Step-By-Step

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Each of the following Store defining Tabs is used to specify policies for a particular Store. The following material provides guidance for the use of each of these Tabs for it's intended purposes.

  • Role(s) Tab -- Add or Delete People with Key Store Role(s). A good example of this is any person who is responsible for taking sales orders. To perform this job duty, they must have their Sales Representative role recorded in this Tab.
  • Shipping Tab -- Add a Predefined Shipment Method for This Store. The set of available shipping methods are defined for this Store. First, the Shipping methods are defined elsewhere, in [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application] drop down list > [Shipping] link.
  • Override Tab -- [Specify Override for Keyword Terms Used in Store Searching].
  • Segments Tab -- [Specify Market or Customer Segmentation of this Store]. This is an information only item associated with the Store, but it does not impact Store functionality in opentaps.
  • Vendor Payments Tab -- [Associate a Vendor and a Payment Method to Use].
  • Vendor Shipments Tab -- [Associate a Vendor and a Shipping Method to Use].

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