Set or Delete a Predefined WebSite on This Store

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Website Stores are set to run with data from a particular Store in [Store] > [Web Sites] Tab.

The Website is set-up and configured elsewhere, according the the information in this section of the User Guiede:


Once the Website is set-up, it can be set to operate with the data, products, and policies of a specified Virtual Store following this procedure:

* Open [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application] drop down menu > [Stores] > [Web Sites]
* The "Edit Product Store Web Sites" page opens displaying the data box of the same name,
* To delete a Web Site from the Store, Click: [Delete]
* To add a Web Site that has already been set-up and configured to the Store, use the "Set store on WebSite" box,
* In the drop down box, Select: the name of the Web Site to apply for the Store
* Click: [Update]