Specify the Product Catalogs for This Store

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The Product Catalogs for a Store are specified in the following Tab as seen in the illustration:

            [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application] > [Stores] > [Catalogs] Tab

Before specifying a Catalog for the Store, the Catalog is Created or Edited according to the information in User Guide Section:

                 Create or Edit a Catalog

Once the desired Catalogs for the Store are defined in the opentaps system they can be used with the product Stores by following this procedure in the [Stores] > [Catalogs] Tab:

* Open the page, [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application] > [Stores] > [Catalogs] Tab
* There are two boxes displayed, "Edit Product Store Catalogs", and "Add Product Store Catalogs".

Each of these two function boxes is described in the following sections.

Add a New Catalog for the Store

In the "Add Product Store Catalog" box, proceed as follows:

* In the "Catalog" drop down box, Select: the Catalog name you will add to the Store
  (The drop down list should contain the name of any catalog you have created and might add to this Store
* "From Date" box, Enter: the effective date, using the Calender Widget
* "Thru Date" box, Enter: the expiration date, if any, using the Calender Widget
* "Sequence Num: box, (Optional) Enter: A number to control the new catalog position within the displayed list in 
     the catalog list box called "Edit Product Store Catalog".
     Note: The display position of the catalog will be the same as the numerical order of your sequence num, 
     relative to any other Sequence Nums that may have been listed before.

This completes entry of a catalog for the Store.

Expire, Re-sequence, or Delete a Catalog for the Store

In the "Edit Product Store Catalog", proceed as follows:

* In the display box, find the line item listing the Catalog to be edited,
* To remove the Catalog from the Store, Click: [Delete]
* To expire the Catalog at a specified date/time, Select: a "Thru Date Time" using the Calender Widget
* To relocate the Catalog in the list of displayed Catalogs for the Store, Enter: a different Sequence Num.
* When finished, Click: [Update]

This completes the editing.