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About Preparing and Testing Promotion Rules

Promotions are a special kind of price rule that implements special offers which apply to the entire order, (although such Promos may impact the price for a particular product). For example, you can set up rules to give customers free shipping or a percentage discount if they purchase a minimum quantity. Promotions can be used with coupon codes also.

NOTE: The "Featured Products" category is also referred to as the "Promotions" category in opentaps. These
"Featured Products" is the name used when displaying the category. "Promotions" is another term used with
the category on some internal system pages.

The [Catalog] > [Promos] functionality is powered by a rules implementation software application that enables the rules to be based on single products or product sets, categories, cart contents, Parties (Users or companies) and order dates or date ranges. Because of the great flexibility the rules creation process is complicated. For this reason we strongly advocate the practice of testing Promo rules before they are "released" for use on the website Store. Please refer to:

               Preparing Product Promotion Rules
WARNING:  If multiple Promos (promotional pricing rules) apply to the same order, either by accident or on
purpose, the results may be unexpected.  Proceed with great caution in this  regard.

User Guide information about preparing Promotions is contained in the section Product Promotions.

Enable A Store Promotion Rule, Step-By-Step

Store promotions are defined elsewhere, refer to Product Promotions, and then they are assigned to operate in this Store Sales Orders in the [Catalog] > [Stores] > [Promos] Tab.

Refer to this User Guide section for the Step-By-Step application of a promotion rule to the specific store:


Promotions Displayed on the WebStore Pages

When a Promotion rule is applied to the Store it may appear on the E-Commerce Store web pages as a Special Offer under certain conditions. When the Promotion is enabled in the associated Virtual Store, and the Promo is applied in the currently selected catalog and/or category it will be listed on the website Store in the "Special Offers" box.

Thus, such Special Offers are built in the Catalog Manager > Promos, and are then apply in the entire store where the Promos have been enabled, as described in the last section of this chapter.

Promotions Displayed on the WebStore Sales Order (Checkout) Page

On the Sales Order presented in the website Store at Checkout, Promotions are displayed on the Order, in the Order Items section and the column called Adjustments when the adjustment is item specific. Promo results are also displayed in the Sales Order section called Order Adjustments, near the bottom of the order form where the Sales Tax adjustments, and any shipping adjustments are made. Finally, the subtotal of the impacts of the Promotions is listed at the bottom of the Sales Order in the section for Subtotals.

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