Configure the Store's Automated Emails for Customer Status Updating

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Introduction to Customer Notification Emails

The opentaps Virtual Stores can be configured to send various status notification emails to Customers. The notification emails relate to various things like:

  • Order Status
  • Order Status Changes
  • Payment Status
  • Shipment Completed
  • Return Status
  • Password Retrieval
  • Quote Request Confirmation
  • Gift Card
  • Referral Request

When the Store is set to "Live" mode (versus "Demo" mode) these Customer Notification Emails can be sent to real Customers.

Caution about Customer Notification Emails

CAUTION: The notification emails must be configured by your Technical System
Administrator before they are used. On installation of opentaps these
emails are not functional, initially (if any Virtual Store is in default Demo mode).
If your System Administrator has changed the Store to "Live" mode then such email
Customer Notifications can be sent automatically by the opentaps system.
For information about Store "Demo", versus "Live" mode refer to this article,
Then read the line "Is Demo Store" -- A very important check box.
This controls Demo versus Live mode of the Store.

Configuring the Customer Notification Emails

The system is initially installed with dummy messages and dummy email addresses. This may be modified by the System Administrator who installs the opentaps system. Configuring the Store emails requires XML programming skills and file system (operating system) skills that are normally associated with the Technical System Administrator job.

For additional information on Store email configuration refer to the article, Detailed Guide to Customer-Notification Email Setup for the Technical System Administrator.