Specify the Store's Customer Financial Account Parameters

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What Are Store Financial Accounts

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When the Store provides Customers with services which are based upon or supported by financial type accounting, then the use of Customer Financial Accounts is required. Such Customer Financial Accounts are configured in the [Store] > [Fin Accts] Tab.

The specifications entered here are not the Customer account ID numbers, but are rather the general characteristics of the Customer accounts. The actual numbered Customer accounts are set up elsewhere in the system, such as when a Customer Billing Account is defined, or when a Customer purchases a Gift Certificate (which creates a Customer financial type account).

Configuring the Store Financial Accounts

These accounts are characterized on the following page:

*  [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application] drop down box > [Stores] link > [Store Name ID] link > [Fin Accts] Tab
* Open this page to Edit, Define, or Remove a Store Financial Account.

The list of currently defined Store Financial Account Types, if any, is displayed in the top box of this screen, called "List Product Store Financial Account Settings".

The second box on this screen displays the form for editing (or creating) the Financial Account Type descriptions required for this Store.

Entering the Financial Account Type Description

The following entries to this form are used to describe the Financial Account Types:

  • Fin Account Type Id -- Select the account type from the drop down box.
    • Account types available include these:
      • Bank Account
      • Deposit Account
      • Gift Certificate (Account)
      • Investment Account
      • Replenish Account
      • Service Credit Account
  • Require Pin Code -- Use of the account requires a Pin Code
  • Validate GC Fin Acct --
  • Account Code Length -- Number of digits in the Account Code Number
  • Pin Code Length -- Number of digits in the Pin Code Number
  • Account Valid Days --
  • Auth Valid Days --
  • Purchase Survey Id -- ID of a Survey to apply when the account is used for purchases
  • Purch Survey Send To --
  • Purch Survey Copy Me --
  • Allow Auth To Negative --
  • Min Balance --
  • Replenish Threshold --
  • Replenish Method Enum Id --
* Enter data in the form
* Click: [Submit] at the bottom of the form to save the data entries.