Add a Predefined Shipment Method for This Store

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Shipment Methods and Carriers are specified for use with the Store in the [Stores] > [Shipping] Tab.

First, the initial Set-up of Shipping, Shipment Methods, and Carriers is done in the following section of the system:

         [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application] drop down box > [Shipping]
         For guidance on Shipping set-up refer to Configure_Shipping_Methods

Once this Shipping Set-up is completed, the methods for use with the Store are specified in the following procedure, which uses the [Stores] > [Shipping] Tab:

* From the Main Navigation screen, Log-in, and
* Open the page [Catalog] Icon > [Catalog Manager Application] drop down box > [Stores] link,
* In the "Product Store List" box, Click: the "Store Name ID" entry to be edited, 
       the selected "Edit Product Store" page opens.
* Click: [Shipping] Tab, "Edit Product Ship Setup" box opens, displaying any previously specified shipping
       options for the Store.
* To add a shipping option for the store,
* In the "Add Product Store Ship Setup" box at the bottom of the screen,
* In the "Carrier Shipment Method" drop down box, Select: the desired ship setup entry to add.
  (The drop down box entries consist of the "Shipment_Method_Type_ID" and the Carrier "Party_ID" that are
  configured in advance as discussed in Configure_Shipping_Methods.
* Click: [Add].

This completes the specification of one of the shipping methods to operate with this Store.