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Introduction to Configuring Shipping Methods

The Set-up and configuration of shipping methods for the opentaps system is accomplished in two major steps, as follows:

  • Step 1: Define Shipping services
  • Types of Shipping and Carriers Providing the service are configured in the following screens:
    • [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application]] drop down box > [Shipping] link, Configured with the following three Tabs.
      • The following links detail the User Guide information about the Tabs.
      • Shipment Method Types Tab -- Various shipping services are defined generically.
      • Quantity Breaks Tab -- Pricing break points, where price changes with weight and other factors, are defined.
      • Carrier Shipment Methods Tab -- Carriers providing defined services are identified, including their service IDs.

  • Step 2: Set-up Store Shipping options
  • Shipping Methods defined in Step 1 are Set up for a Store in the following screen:

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