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Processing orders for shipment begins with finding the orders which are ready to ship according to the instructions in the respective orders. The orders that are ready are defined as follows:

  • Orders which are Approved, and
  • Which have at least one item in stock if the items can be shipped separately, or
  • Which have all the items are in stock if the items are to be shipped together.

Getting Started

Ready To Ship Shortcut Button -- This screen provides two functions for getting started with the shipping process:

  • This screen displays a "Ready List" of orders which are Ready To Ship out, but have no Picklist prepared (yet). Thus, the screen will not show orders which are already on a picklist. This screen is automatically refreshed to show all new orders as they are Approved, and found ready to ship, so it provides real-time status.
  • Quick Packing Option -- for each order listed you can click on the order ID to print a PDF of the items to be shipped out or click on the [Pack Order] button to start packing the order in the Pack Order Screen. For orders that do not require the Picklist steps, this options takes you directly into packing the order.

Using Picklists

To create and edit Picklists to be used before packing is started, there are two functions:

  • Create Picklist Shortcut Button -- This screen is used to generate Picklists for orders ready to ship. To facilitate packing orders for shipments of a particular type, it lists the number of ready orders by a shipment type.
* You can select the shipment type to be picked and the maximum number of orders to pick in each Picklist.
  The system will then generate the pick lists, which you can view in the Open Picklists Screen.
  • Open Picklists Shortcut Button -- This screen displays a list of the Picklists which are currently open for processing (picking), the Picklist ID, the Picklist date, the number of orders on the list, current status of the list and the shipping method for the orders on this list.
* Click: [PDF] on the Open Picklist line item to print the Picklist and a Packing Slip for each order.
* Click: on the [Picklist] link (ID number) for any entry in the displayed list to see specifics
  and to edit the picklist.  It shows the numbered Bin of each order, the
  Order_ID/Shipgroup_ID and a PO number. 
* Click: [Order_ID/ShipGroup] link to see the list of products to be picked for that order.
  Click the link again to remove the product details.  
* Click: [Delete] on the product detail line to remove an item from the picklist.
* In the "Move To" column you can enter an alternate Bin number, or an alternate Picklist to
  move the Order to a different Picklist,
  Click: [Move] to complete moving the Order Bin to the alternate list.
* Click: [PDF] to print the Picklist and a Packing Slip for each order bin.
* Finally, to update the status of your picklist, select the new "Status" from the drop down box, and
  Click: [Update]

Note: When you change this Picklist status to "Picked", this picklist will move from the Open Picklists Screen to the Picklists To Be Shipped Screen where you can continue processing the numbered order bins. In the next section of the User Manual we will discuss Packing the orders from the numbered bins.

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