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When ready to pack orders for shipments, there are three points in opentaps shipping screens where packing can be initiated. To access these functions navigate from the Main Navigation Screen as follows:

* Click: Warehouse Icon > Shipping Tab > [Ready To Ship], or [Picklists to be Shipped], or 
  [Pack Order] as described in the following paragraphs.

Pack from Orders Ready To Ship -- No Picklist Needed

  • Click the [Ready To Ship] Shortcut button to initiate packing for orders which do not require processing an order Picklist to collect the order items before packing.
* From the "Ready to Ship" box, choose the order to be packed, and Click: [Pack Order]
* Follow the steps provided in Using the Pack Order Screen

Pack Orders from Picklists to be Shipped

  • The [Picklists to be Shipped] Shortcut button is used to initiate packing orders from a completed Picklist that has prepared the numbered bins of order items for packing.
* Click: [Picklists to be Shipped] Shortcut button.
* Click on the Picklist number to be processed.
* The "Picklist Details" screen open displaying the bin numbers, and corresponding 
  Order_IDs for this picklist.
* Click: [Pack Order] for each bin number to proceed with packing that order, and repeat 
  for each of the bins.
* Follow the steps provided in Using the Pack Order Screen

Pack Order by the Order_ID Number

  • The [Pack Order] Shortcut button can be used to pack any order, starting with the Order_ID to use for the new shipment.
* Click: [Pack Order] to start.
* Follow the steps provided in Using the Pack Order Screen

Using the Pack Order Screen

This screen is used to record order items which are being packed and shipped to your customers. Once you have entered an order and ship group combination, opentaps will check if the order is approved. If it is, the screen will show a list of the order items and their quantities. You can select the ones which you wish to pack and choose which package to put the item into. Alternatively, you can enter or scan the product ID or UPC code for each item individually, and opentaps will add it to the shipment package.

* Enter the Order ID # (and optionally the ShipGroup number) to be packed.  This may be provided by the 
system in some cases.  Optionally, 
  Click "Hide Grid" to suppress the product details, but you must enter the product_ID manually.
* Click: [Pack Order] to open the screen for packing.
* In the "Items to be Packed" area, enter the quantity (Qty to Pack) and select the package
  number from the "Package" drop down box, if the order is being packed in more than one package.
* Click: [Check Box] at the beginning of each line item that is being packed.  Do not check 
  an item if it is not yet packed. 
* Repeat the last two steps for each order item to be packed, until the whole order is packed.
* Click: [Pack] to pack the order when each line quantity and package is filled in.

After you have entered the items to be packed, you can enter the weight for each package and select the box type. You can also enter the following information:

* Tracking code: if you are using an external application to schedule your shipment, you can enter the tracking
  code here. If you plan to use opentaps to schedule your shipment, leave this blank. Opentaps will fill it when
  your shipment is scheduled.
* Additional Charge: This option appears if your order's product store is set not to pro-rate shipping charges.
  You can add additional charges back to your order and to your invoice. You can choose from several different
  charges including shipping, insurance, and bank fees. This is useful if you don't charge for shipping at the
  time of order, so the original order has a shipping charge of zero, because you don't know the weight or
  dimensions of your package, but at the packing time you weigh your package, get the estimated shipping charge,
  and add it back your order.
* [Estimate] button: This button will fill in the estimated shipping charge for the package based on the weight
  and put it in the additional shipping charge box. The shipping estimate will be from the carriers such as UPS.
* Handling instructions: enter any special handling instructions for your shipment here. 
* Click: [Complete] button to initiate the final steps in packing the order.

Clicking [Complete] tells opentaps that you are finished with packing your order. opentaps will then check to make sure that the quantities you are packing do not exceed the quantities on hand in the warehouse, and also the quantities you are packing equal the quantities originally reserved. If there is a problem, you would see a red warning message, but you can continue and complete packing the order by clicking on [Force Complete].

* Click: [Force Complete] to finish the packing and over ride warning messages, or return to the process to make 
  corrections in quantities to be packed or other issues flagged in a warning. 

* The last "Pack Order" screen opens with links that permit printing the following items:
   The Packing Slip
   The Bar Code lable
   The Vendor Invoice
* There is also a link to "Schedule Shipment" in case you are using the automated scheduling
  to your shipper.  If you schedule the shipper manually, you will not use this link.

These steps complete the packing of orders. The next step is to schedule the shipper, to ship the orders, and then to mark the corresponding shipments as "Complete" on the system.

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