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In opentaps the warehouse operations can be organized to include these parts:

"Three Warehouse Types"

  • Primary Warehouses -- are used to house inventory used in fulfilling orders, pick and pack operations to prepare for shipping orders, inbound and outbound shipping, and manufacturing operations.
  • Backup Warehouses -- are used to store inventory in bulk that is used to supply the primary warehouse as needs for replenishment are recognized. Any warehouse can be specified as a backup for another warehouse.
  • Third Party Warehouses -- that hold inventory owned by your supplier, but that is dedicated to supplying your companies replenishment needs.

Warehouses can be Created, Viewed, Edited, and Removed in the system.

"MRP Operates on Warehouses"

All of the warehouses can be serviced by the Materials Resource Planning (MRP) application to recognize when inventory moves, or reordering are required at each warehouse level.

"Inventory Locations in the Warehouse"

Each warehouse can have a "Location" model which describes the spatial layout and structure used for storing the physical inventory items, for example: the areas, aisles, sections, shelves, etc can be specified. This enables the system to point to exactly where the inventory items to be processed are located in facilities.

"Warehouse Team Members and Security"

Each warehouse has a Team of workers defined. Only people on a warehouse Team can perform system functions within that specific warehouse. A person can, however, have Team membership status in more than one warehouse if the job assignments require it.

In the following parts of this manual section we will discuss using these warehouse capabilities.

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