Ready To Ship Screen

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To access this screen from the Main Navigation screen:
Click: Warehouse Icon > Shipping Tab > [Ready To Ship] button in the Shortcuts box.
The Ready To Ship screen opens displaying a table that lists the orders that
are currently ready to ship and are not already on a Picklist.

This screen shows a list of orders which are ready to be shipped out, defined as orders which are approved and for which there is at least one item in stock (if the items in this order can be shipped separately), or for which all the items are in stock if the items are to be shipped together.

This screen will automatically refresh itself to show you new orders as they are approved for shipping.

  • Important Note: This screen will not show orders which are already on a picklist -- it is designed to complement the picklist and show orders which are not scheduled to be picked yet.

You can take the following actions from within the list:

Click: the [Order/ShipGroup] link (the order ID) to print a PDF of the items to be shipped out.
Click: the [Pack Order] button to start packing the order in the Pack Order Screen.

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