Picklists To Be Shipped Screen

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To access this screen from the Main Navigation screen:
Click: Warehouse Icon > Shipping Tab > [Picklists to be Shipped] button
The Picklist to be Shipped screen opens displaying a table that lists Picklists that are 
   ready to ship

This screen shows the Picklists which have been picked and are ready to be packed and shipped out.

Click: [Picklist] Id to open the details -- Picklist Details Screen.  
Click: [Close] to change a completed Picklist status to  "Closed" manually, and it will no longer 
    show up on this list.  

Alternatively, if all the items on the Picklist have been packed, it will also disappear from this list.

User Manual references: Introduction to Using Picklists, and Picklists Step-by-Step