Picklist Details Screen

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To access this screen from the Main Navigation screen:
Click: Warehouse Icon > Shipping Tab > [Open Picklist] button
The Open Picklist screen opens displaying a table that lists Open Picklists
Click: the desired entry in the [Picklist] column
The Picklist Details Screen opens displaying the details
Click: a desired entry in the "Order/Ship Group" column to see the product details 
  for the selected entry.

This screen shows the details of a pick list, including the date of the pick list, the shipping method, and who created it.

The screen also displays a table listing all of the bins in the pick list and what order and customer they correspond to.

Click: [Order ID] in the "Order/Ship Group" column to see a detailed list of the products 
   to be placed into this bin of the Picklist.
Click: PDF if a print out of the list is needed.

  • Use the "Move To" Bin number box, the Picklist drop down box, and the [Move] button to change this order to a different Picklist and a different Bin number if your Picklist work planning requires such changes.

Once you have finished "picking" the picklist, update the status to "Picked" as follows:

Click: The "Status" drop down button
Select: Picked
Click: [Update]

  • The [Pack Order] button appears once the status is changed. You can then click on the [Pack Order] button to go to the Pack Order Screen to pack the orders on the picklist.

When you have changed the Picklist status to "Picked", your Picklist will move from this screen to the Picklists To Be Shipped Screen.

  • When all the orders on this pick list has been processed, you can click on the [Close] button in the upper right-hand corner to close this picklist.

User Manual references: Introduction to Using Picklists, and Picklists Step-by-Step