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The "View Team" screen is used to find, create, and view Sales Teams and their members. For more information about teams refer to these User Manual sections: Sales Teams and Account Teams, Create A Sales Team, Assign An Account Team, and Creating New Team Members.

To find an existing team from the main navigation screen,

Click: CRMSFA > Teams > [Find Team]
If you need assistance, click the "Help" icon in the upper righthand corner of the page.

The View Team screen is divided into the following sections:


This section allows you to see the team name and previously entered comments. The following buttons are available:

  • [Edit] - This will take you to the "Edit Team" screen where you can modify the team name and add to/alter existing comments about the team.
  • [Deactivate Team] - Clicking this button will close the team and remove the team affiliation from any users assigned to that team. Clicking the [Deactivate Team] button will also remove any editing options from the "View Team" screen.

Team Members

This section will list all users assigned to the team and their role. The following buttons are available:

  • [Update] - You can edit the team member's role from the "View Team" screen by selecting the role (for example: "Team Leader" or "View Only Team Member") from the drop down menu and clicking the [Update] button.
  • [Remove] - Clicking this button will remove a member from the team, and remove all team affiliations for that user.
  • [Add] - To add a new team member, manually enter the team member's internal ID or search for it using the lookup widget. Then select the appropriate role for the new team member from the drop down menu. Clicking the [Add] button will add the user to the team as a team member, if the user has been set up as a team member.

Note that new team members must be created in the Party Manager. Team member's roles define the operations they could perform on the accounts to which they are assigned.

  • Team leaders can assign or remove team members in addition to having permission for all operations on an account.
  • Full team members have permission to perform all operations on an account.
  • View-only team members can only view but not modify or create new information for an account.
  • Customer service representatives have permissions with respect to creating and updating certain aspects of an account, such as contact information, but not others.

These roles and permissions can all be customized during your configuration. See Creating New Team Members for more details.

NOTE: The first time a team member is added to a team, you need to add it with the party ID on the view team screen. Subsequent times, the Lookup button next to the team member party ID field will find a team member by name, if the person is already part of another team.

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