Creating New Team Members

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What Defines A Team Member?

A Team Member is an internal user of opentaps:

1 Who has one of the CRM job roles in their Profile, and 
2 Who has a CRM type of Security Group in their User ID security group assignment. 

Here is what that means. First, their Profile Role (in Party Manager) must be one of these:

  • Account Manager
  • Account Rep
  • Customer Service Rep

Using one (or more) of these Roles will enable you to assign them to one of your teams.

Second, their Security Group (permissions) assignment must be one of these:

  • CSR
  • CSR_B2C

These Security Group (permissions) will control which tabs the User Login can access. Note that the same team member could have multiple User Logins with different levels of access, if this is needed for multiple tasks that they must perform.

Notes for Admins:

You can edit the user Profile information to include the above required assignments if you are enabling users to participate in CRM teams.

To create a new team member from scratch, here is a refresher:

1 Go to the Party Manager, Click: Parties and Users > Party > [Create] then click the
link "Create New Person".  
2 Enter the name. You only need to enter first and last name.  
3 Click on [Role(s)] and add one of the required roles for a team member.
4 Click: [Profile] and create the User Login (name) and password. 
5 Click: [Security Groups] next to the new User Login .  You will now need to assign one of 
the required Security Groups to the new team member.
That completes the exercise.

Now, you can return to the Party Manager's Profile screen to add addresses, contact information or other information needed for your new team members at any time.

Finally, you can now add your new team member to a Sales Team using the View Team Screen, or to an Account Team using CRMSFA > Accounts, and open one of your accounts from the list. In the "Account Details" screen, in the top "Account" box find the "Assign Team" item near the bottom and use the [Assign] button.

Sales Teams and Account Teams < User Manual pages > Create A Sales Team

Working with Partners < Tabs Pages > Managing Sales