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The CRM Orders tab allows you to process quotations, and sales orders, including creation, look-up, and view of these quotes and orders. The opentaps system is made ready for processing sales orders by configuring the necessary information items, or prerequisites, in advance. Usually, a number of the prerequisite items are configured on your system and are maintained by either a business or sales manager with assistance of your the system/user administrator.

Prerequisites for Sales Order processing include the following items:

•  The Customer Accounts that place sales orders with you. 
•  Your own user ID and password, plus your authority to process orders.
•  Your company and internal organization with delegated authority for order entry. 
•  Your company product catalog(s) and the “product store(s)” that contain the catalogs.
•  Terms and conditions including prices, discounts, fulfillment options, and promotional
   programs are specified within the “product stores”.
•  Customer payment methods configured.
•  Accounting categories, sales tax data, billing accounts, and the like.
•  Shipping configuration for delivery of your orders.

When prerequisites are ready, the sales team can proceed with sales order processing work. The CRM Orders tab allows you to process sales orders.

The Quotes Tab allows you to Create, Find, and View Quotes for your customers, and convert the quotes into orders. Key features of Find include looking up quotes by quote ID or name, the account, type, sales channel, or status.

Partners in opentaps are organizations that help sell your products. You can manage your partners in the CRMSFA application's Partners Screens. You can also support your partners by creating invoices from your partners to their customers in the Financials application's Partners Screens. Using this model, once these partner invoices are approved (marked as ready), invoices from your organization to the partners are then created. The invoiced rates to the customer, and to the partner can be documented in your partner agreements.

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