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The Quotes Tab allows you to Create, Find, and View Quotes for your customers, to manage the progress of quotes that are sent, and to convert quotes into orders if they are accepted. To access the Quotes function from the main navigation screen, Click [CRMSFA] > [Quotes]. This opens the My Quotes screen displaying your list of quotes by name, ID number, issue date, account, and status columns. The My Quotes list can be sorted by clicking on any of these columns. Use Find Quote to open an existing quote that is not in your My Quotes list. Refer to these Help pages, My Quotes Screen and Find Quotes Screen.

Find Quote

Enter some item of information about the quote you need to find, and Click: [Find Quotes].

Create Quote

These steps start the creation of a new quote:

* Click the shortcut button [Create Quote] to start the process.
* Give your new quote a name
* Enter or look up the customer account ID number (don't use the customer name here)
* Enter or look up a contact ID number for reference (don't use the contact name here)
* Select from the drop down list the product store from which products will be offered
* Select the sales channel that contributed this lead from the drop down list
* Use the Calender button to select a valid through date for this quote to remain in effect
* Enter your text description of this quite.
* Click: [Create Quote] to save your information, and to open the form for adding products 
you want to sell.

Refer to the Help page Edit Quote Screen.

Add Items and Add Quantity and Price Options This opens the quote preparation form including its ID number.

Each item you add can have multiple price/quantity points. For example you can quote your customer a price of $10 if he purchased 100 units of a product, or $9 if he purchased 1000 units. You can enter the product ID of the quote item if you know it, or you can leave it blank and simply type in a long description of the product and service in the "Comments" field. This is helpful if you were quoting a product or service which has not yet been created in opentaps. When you are done, you can click on [Add]

Proceed with this new form, using the "Add Items" section to enter the products you will offer for sale:

* Enter or look up the product ID for your item(s)
* Enter a Quantity, and your Unit Price for this quote
* If you want to offer another quantity and price quote, Click: Right-Arrow (Green) button
* Enter a text description of the item
* Enter your comment regarding this item for this customer
* Click: [Add]
* Repeat these steps for all the items you will add to this quotation.

Quote Items Section

The list of included items will build up at the bottom of the page, with the optional quantities and prices you have offered, and with a summary and a hypothetical total cost. The alternate quantities and prices are still shown here, and you use [Add Option] to provide more quantity and price options for each item.

Pricing Your Quote

The "Quote Items" section contains one order cost column which totals one of the quantity/price options you have offered for each item. The quantity/price item used is at the top of each Item box, and you can change this as follows:

* Press [Unset] to deselect the item currently in your subtotal  
* Press [Choose] to select a different one of your option for the subtotal pricing
* Press [Remove] to eliminate an option from the quote box

The subtotal is calculated by including the chosen one of your options on quantity and price for each quoted item, and adding it into the total. If you want to change the trial total using a different option, use the [Unset], [Choose], or [Remove] buttons to modify your quote again.

Documenting Your Quote

If you have documents, specifications, catalog sheets, web pages or the like associated with this quote, that you would like to keep for reference, you can attach them or upload them using the "Bookmarks and Files" section of the form.

Creating Quote Documents

You can create and then store two documents for your quote using the buttons on this page.

* Click: [PDF] to create a version of the quote for storage, mailing, or printing.
* Click: [Mini-Catalog] to print a PDF format "product data sheet" for the items in your 
quotation, that you want to store, mail, or print. 

You can use these items with the "Bookmarks and Files" section if you like.


Finally, we suggest that you include a Note for your team members and managers who may benefit from knowing what you have just done, why you are doing it, your next steps, the customer's special needs, or any other information that can make your work more successful. Only your authorized internal users will see these notes, and they will always be associated with this account and this quote or order.

Managing Your Quote

Complete processing of your quote by using the following buttons to approve, change, or email your quote when it is ready.

* Click: [Accept Quote] to indicate supervisor approval of the quote, making it ready to send.  
Now this button changes to "Send Quote".
* Click: [Send Quote] to indicate that the quote is being delivered to the customer.
* Click: [Email] when you need to send the approved quote to your customer by email attachment 
(which will be sent with the PDF version of the quote attached to your email.)
* Click: [Finalize Quote] to convert the quote into an order when this is requested by your customer.
* Click: [Remove Quote] when it will not be finalized, and should be removed instead.
* Click: [Edit] when you need to go back and edit some information in your quote.

For Reference Manual information see the Help-Page: Viewing a Quote.

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