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Two Kinds of Teams

opentaps has two kinds of teams one of which has a separate identity (a Sales Team) and the other, which is defined relative to only a particular customer account (an Account Team). Note that these team members are internal members of your organization who are users of opentaps and need to be created using the Party Manager application. See Creating New Team Members.

Sales teams in opentaps CRM/SFA application are groups of people who usually work together as a team with a certain set of predefined roles and permissions. A sales team can be created in advance with all the people and their responsibilities with the Create A Sales Team. A Sales Team can be assigned to an account under some conditions.

Such a Sales Team can be assigned to an account when the account is first created or when an account has no team members associated with it, but not when some people are already assigned to the account. When the team is initially associated with the account, each team member is added to the account in their role from the sales team definition. Thus they become an Account Team, also.

Once assigned to an account, the account’s team manager or account owner can reassign team members or change their responsibility. Thus, the real team working on any account at any one time could be different than the initial predefined Sales Team. In this way, the sales team on an account in CRM/SFA can be a very dynamic working group, rather than a static team definition. Thus the Account Team is a flexible group suited to the daily dynamics of the business environment.

My Items Versus My Team's Items In opentaps CRM/SFA application there are buttons such as [My Accounts] and [My Team's Accounts] found in the tabs for Cases, Accounts, and Opportunities. Use of these buttons produces information that is associated with the individual User ID or with the Team's assigned responsibilities according to which button is clicked.

Working with Teams

If you are an Administrator (Admin)or a Sales or Account Manager responsible for creating one of the teams, please refer to the manual sections Creating New Team Members, Create A Sales Team and Assign An Account Team for guidance. There are special requirements for members of teams which are explained in these sections. The profile for internal opentaps users who are being assigned to teams may require modification for these special permission requirements.

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