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Introduction to Shipping Processes

opentaps shipping includes three stages, which can be used in various combinations:

  • Picklist Processing -- collecting the items to be shipped for selected orders efficiently and moving the items to the packing area in numbered bins, and we will cover the case of packing an order without using a Picklist,
  • Packing Process -- packing the orders that are ready to ship according to the specifications in each order,
  • Shipping Process -- scheduling shipments and closing the order using either a manual process, or the automated scheduling interface of certain major shipping companies which can be set up for use with opentaps.

In this section of the User Manual we will follow this sequence of stages for shipping an order, discussing how each stage is implemented using the opentaps processing screens.

To complete this section we will cover:

Manual pages >> Introduction to Using Picklists

Inventory Tab << Tab pages

Inventory Processes << Section pages >> >> Warehouses Organization