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When a product is defined as a drop-ship product, and a valid supplier exists for the product in the currency of a given product store, purchase orders will be automatically generated from sales orders according to the following process:

  1. The customer adds a drop-ship item to the shopping cart in the eCommerce application, or an internal employee adds a drop-ship item to an order in the CRMSFA application
  2. A "drop-ship item" must include the setup details, which are described in Configuring Products for Drop Shipping
  3. During checkout, the system splits the cart/order into several ship groups - one per supplier, and one for all non-drop-ship items. Products are assigned to separate ship groups by supplier according to the following logic:
    • The product's Requirement Method Enum Id must be set to 'Drop-Ship Only' or 'Drop-Ship on Low Quantity'
    • If the product is set to 'Drop-Ship on Low Quantity', there must be insufficient inventory available to promise to cover the order
    • There is a supplier for the product which meets these criteria:
      • The supplier is marked as 'Can drop-ship'
      • The supplier's minimum quantity for the order is less than or equal to the order item quantity
      • The supplier's price is in the order's currency
      • The current date falls within the supplier's Available From and Available Thru dates for the price
  4. When the customer or employee finalizes the sales order, the system detects the presence of drop-ship groups in the cart/order, and creates one purchase order per supplier/ship-group
  5. Purchase order items are linked to their original sales order items. This can be seen in the CRMSFA sales order view screen. Purchase orders can be viewed in the Purchasing application. Purchase order items are generated using the supplier price.
  6. After a linked purchase order is approved, a [Quick Complete Drop Shipment] link will appear for each ship group of the purchase order.
  7. Clicking the [Quick Complete Drop Shipment] link will complete all purchase order items and linked sales order items for that ship group. Once all items of an order are completed, the order itself will automatically be completed (both sales and purchase orders). For the sales order to be completed, all related purchase orders must be approved and completed.
  8. Completing a purchase order will generate an invoice from the supplier to the Company. Completing the sales order will generate an invoice from the Company to the customer.

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