Setting Up Your Products and Sales Materials

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To access the Catalog application from the Main Navigation screen, proceed as follows,
Click: Catalog Icon, the Catalog Manager Application Main page opens.
Click: [Create New Product] button, the Edit Product box opens.  
Adjust the width of your Browser window to view the whole Edit Product Box, if necessary.

This page provides for entry of basic information about a product, like it's name, and a few descriptive items relating to how it is to be handled. These items are then recorded, and the sub-Tabs for the Product are then displayed so that other detailed descriptive and handling parameters can be fully defined. The first group of items follow.

"Basic Product Definition Items"

In each of the following items, Click the link provided to get more information about how to fill in the data required in each of the listed items.

[Create Product] Button -- Click: [Create Product] to save the entries you provided on this page.
The Product page opens again with the full set of sub-Tabs displayed for entry of many other product 

"Product Bar Code"

In opentaps Catalog > Product the product bar code is generated automatically from the Product ID code. Thus, a scanner reading the printed bar code will be capturing the opentaps Product ID for use in any system processes where that entity is required.

The [Bar Code] button found on the [Product] Sub Tab, and in some other screens provides a graphic display of this generated bar code.


In the next section we will discuss the purpose and format of information to be entered into, or viewed in the Sub-Tab sections for each Product.

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