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[Catalog] Icon > Product Page > [Product] Tab for basic definition of the Product.
Product Page is accessed by the use of the Catalog Main screen boxes,
refer to [Navigating in the Catalog Manager]

This section contains the following data items for entry in defining the selected Product:

  • Returnable -- Is the Product Returnable?
  • Include In Promotions -- Is this Product included in the Order Items that are used to calculate the qualification for Promotions?
  • Taxable -- Is the Product a Taxable item in the Order?
  • AutoCreateKeywords -- Will the system automatically create Search Term Keywords (Synonyms) for this Product. The alternative is to use the Product page > [Keywords] Tab to enter Keywords manually.
Caution: Using automated keywork generation may produce many irrelevant
keywords.  Thus a manual edit could be required to protect the Customer
from seeing Search results that are not relevant to their interests.