Specify Sales Availability Versus Inventory Status

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[Catalog] Icon > Product Page > [Product] Tab for basic definition of the Product.
Product Page is accessed by the use of the Catalog Main screen boxes,
refer to [Navigating in the Catalog Manager]

This section contains the following data items for entry in defining the selected Product:

  • Disc. When Inv. Not Avail -- Should the Product availability be Discontinued when the current Inventory is exhausted? Yes/No
  • Requirement Method Enum Id -- How should Requirements for additional Product supply be created for this Product? If MRP is being used, these Requirements are not required. If not, select the method to use for creating "manual" requirements. For additional information refer to the User Guide section Requirements.
  • Require Inventory -- Should inventory (in stock) be required before processing a Sales Order for this product? If not specified, the behavior will default to that specified in the Store setting, where the Sales Order is being processed.
  • Inventory Message -- Message to display to the User, or the Customer of the Web Store, in case the "Require Inventory" rule just specified is actually invoked.