Lot Level Inventory Tracking

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Certain industries, such as foods, chemicals, and biotech/pharmaceuticals track their products with lot numbers. For example, look under a bottle of milk or orange juice, and you will see a label which says "Lot". The lot number allows the manufacturer to track a batch of the product which was produced in a manufacturing run or at a particular time, in case there are quality or recall issues down the road.

opentaps enables you to create or use lot numbers and associate them with your inventory items when the inventory is received or manufactured. It will then track the inventory through sales and shipping and allow you to search for sales orders and shipments by lot number.

To use the lot level tracking, navigate from the Main Navigation screen as follows:

* Click: Warehouse Icon > Inventory Tab > [Manage Lots] button
* The "Manage Lots" screen opens displaying two items:
**  The "Find Lots" search box, and 
**  The "Lots" table which lists the Lots found in the search.

Using Lot Level tracking involves the following screens. For details follow each of these links:

  • Edit Lot Screen -- edit data for the assigned Lot ID (the ID itself can't be changed).