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This screen allows you to edit an existing inventory lot. Lots are groups or batches of a product from a supplier in your inventory.

If you need to access this screen, you can proceed as follows:

* Click: Warehouse Icon > Inventory Tab > [Manage Lots] button
* The "Manage Lots" screen opens displaying two items:
  **  The "Find Lots" search box, and 
  **  The "Lots" table which lists the Lots found in the search.
* To search enter one of these:
  ** Lot ID - Enter the internal ID of the lot.
  ** Supplier - This is the supplier of the inventory item relevant to the lot.  
     You may enter the supplier ID manually, or search for it using the lookup widget.
  ** If you leave the form blank and click [Find] the list will include all lots.
* Click: [Find] button -- the "Lots" table opens listing any lots that match the criteria 
     you entered.  
* Data provided in the table for each Lot line item includes:
  **  Lot ID -- ID you used when creating this Lot entry
  **  Supplier -- your supplier of the Lot
  **  Created Date -- date you used in creating the Lot entry
  **  Expire Date -- date you used for expiration of the Lot materials
  **  Comments -- available space for comments or other documentation of this Lot
* Click: Lot ID entry -- to open the View Lot Details Screen where you can 
    view and edit the lot.

:Using the Edit Lot Screen"

The screen displays the lot ID number and the created date, and allows you to modify the following fields:

  • Supplier - This is the supplier of the product relevant to the lot. The current supplier will be listed in this field by default. You may enter the internal ID of a new supplier manually or search for it using the lookup widget.
  • Expire Date - This is the date and time the products in lot will expire (if applicable). Enter date manually or search for it using the calendar widget. Select the time using the drop down menu.
  • Quantity - Enter the quantity of inventory items in the lot. Select the unit of measurement (for example, "Kilogram" or "Cubic foot") from the drop down menu.
  • Comments - Enter any comments relevant to the lot into the information box.
  • Note that you cannot change the Lot ID, or the Created Date for the Lot ID record in the system.
* Click: [Update] button -- to save the changes to the lot information and take you to the View Lot Details Screen.