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This screen allows you to create a new lot for you inventory. Normally, you will do this when you receive the shipment of materials into your warehouse. The screens for receiving items and orders provide a button to create a new Lot ID on the fly, or you can create the Lot IDs you need before receiving the item into the inventory records. You can also edit inventory items that are already in stock, to add the Lot ID numbers to them as discussed below.

To access this screen if needed, proceed from the Main Navigation screen as follows:

* Click: Warehouse Icon > Inventory Tab > [Manage Lots] button
* The "Manage Lots" screen opens displaying two items:
 **  The "Find Lots" search box, and 
 **  The "Lots" table which lists the Lots found in the search.
* Click: [Create New] in the "Find Lots" box to open the "Create New Lot" screen.

Enter the appropriate information, preferably all items, into the following fields:

  • Lot ID - This field allows you to assign an ID to the lot you are creating.
  • Supplier - Enter the name of the supplier relevant to the product for which you are creating the new lot.
  • Expire Date - This field allows you to enter an expiration date and time for the lot in your inventory. Enter the date manually or search for it using the lookup widget. Enter the time using the drop down menus.
  • Quantity - Enter the quantity of inventory items available for the lot. Select the unit of measurement (for example, "Kilogram" or "Cubic foot") from the drop down menu.
  • Comments - Enter any comments relevant to the lot into the information box.
* Click: [Create] button -- to create the lot and make it available for your inventory.
* The "Lot Details" screen opens, refer to View Lot Details Screen
* To apply the new Lot ID to some Inventory Items already in stock proceed as follows.
* Click: [View All Inventory Items] -- to display all inventory associated with this 
     Lot ID, if any, or to use search to find inventory items that should be associated
     with the Lot ID now. 

Refer to Find Inventory Item Screen for more information.