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Completion of orders for Services performed (or other non-physical products) progresses differently from orders that have physical inventory reserved and then packed for shipment. When we process a Services order these are the steps documenting a completed order item and issuing an invoice for such items:

* Enter and Approve the order as you normally would, including the Service type product from
  your catalog.  Every item you need to invoice must be entered as a separate line item.
* When the service item is ready to be invoiced (that is, it has been performed or the initial
  up-front payment has become due, etc.) use the [Mark as Performed] button as follows,
* Open CRMSFA and Click: Orders Tab
  Click: [Mark as Performed] button in the Shortcuts box to open the "Mark as Performed" screen
  Enter the "Order ID" on the Mark as Performed screen
  Click: [Find Order] on the Mark as Performed screen

A list of the order items is displayed including product ID, description, quantity and unit price, plus a checkbox on the right end used to indicate item completion (ready to invoice). Click the Checkbox for each item you want to mark as performed (completed).

Now, Click: [Mark as Performed] at the bottom of this screen. Each line item you have marked with the Checkbox will be changed to Performed status. Items can be so marked in their entirety and not in part.

Each time these steps are performed the system keeps a list of items that are ready for issuing another sales invoice. This permits the services organization to collect their invoice content and then issue a periodic invoice for everything completed since the last periodic invoice was sent to the customer.

Now, to create the sales invoice proceed as follows:

* From the main navigation (splash) screen, Click: FINANCIALS icon
* Click: Receivables Tab
* Click: "Invoice Performed Order Items from Order ID" link in the Invoices section.  Use the look-up 
  widget if you need to find the Order ID.
* This creates a new invoice for items marked as performed.  
NOTE: Invoices can be created in either editable state or in "Ready" status
which means they are already Posted and cannot be edited for content.  See
the following additional information.

The invoice can be created in editable state or it can be created as Ready and posted to the Ledger (thus it is no longer editable.)

If you want invoices to remain editable rather than automatically posted, you need to check and set a flag in your product Store called "Auto Approve Invoice" flag. To check and set this item proceed as follows:

* From the main navigation (splash) screen, Click: CATALOG.  This opens the Catalog Manager section.
* Click: Stores Tab in the Catalog Manager
* Click: The "Store Name [ID]" link for the Store you use for the relevant Services products.  This 
  opens the Store screen with many characteristics you can customize.
* Look near the bottom of the long list for the item "Auto Approve Invoice"
* In the drop down box Click: Y if you wish to automatically post invoices, or
                       Click: N if you wish to keep invoices editable for review.

This concludes the operations for Invoicing Services Performed.

Integrating Services Invoicing and Your Project Management Tool -- Refer to the User Manual page Fulfilling Orders for Services for suggestions on integrating a project management application with the opentaps Order Tab functionality.

Refer to the Reference Manual page Mark as Performed Screen.

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