Shipping an Order to Multiple Destinations

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Sometimes it is convenient to take an order for one or more items at some total quantities and prices, and then ship the order to more than one destination address of the customer. In opentaps this is done by first creating the order for the total desired quantity of products, but with a single destination, and then dividing the order into multiple ship groups. Each ship group can have it's own destination address and shipping instructions for shipment of a part of the original order quantities.

To use an additional ship group for your order, proceed as follows:

  • Access your order, refer to Accessing Your Orders.
  • Open your order to the View Order screen.
  • Click: [New Ship Group] in the Ship Group box.

Fill in the items on the top part of the Create New Ship Group screen making entries and revisions that reflect the requirements for your new ship group versus the original one.

Now, make entries in the lower box on this screen to indicate the quantities of each product line item to be shipped in the new ship group (rather than in the original ship group). These quantities will be subtracted from the original ship group so that the total for both remains equal to the original order.

Click [Create] to save and create the new ship group with it's different destination. If you decide not to save this work Click: [Go Back].

If your order contains Lot numbers or Serial numbers these will be assigned to both ship groups initially, and you will need to change them as necessary to make sense with multiple destinations defined.

The shipping charges and taxes are not recalculated for you, so you will have to modify these manually on each ship group that requires it.

Refer to New Ship Group Screen in the Reference Manual.

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