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To open the screen for editing or canceling an order, proceed as follows:

*  Click: CRMSFA icon on the main navigation (splash) screen
*  Click: Orders
*  Use any one of the three methods available for finding your order, refer to 
   Accessing Your Orders for guidance
*  Click: the desired order in the list presented in the previous step, this opens the 
   View Order Screen for your order
*  Click: [Edit or Add Items] in the "Order Items" box
*  This opens the screen for editing, adding to, or canceling the order.

The functions provided on this screen include these:

  • Edit any order line item including it's description, unit price, or ship group
  • Cancel any line item completely, or change it's ship group
  • Apply your internal business tracking tags for the item
  • Add a new line item to the order
  • Edit the shipping group and instructions for the order
  • Add another ship group to ship parts of the order
  • Cancel the entire order

Note that to cancel the entire order, Click: [Cancel All Items]. This cleans up the database entries to remove the order items and other related entries such as reserved inventory, and then it removes the Order itself.

If you have opened the "Edit Order" screen and then decide not to make changes, you can go back to "View Order" by clicking [View Order] before making any changes that are saved (see below).

To save any edits or changes you have entered into the "Edit Order" screen, you must click on of these buttons:

  • Click: [Update Items] at the bottom of the Order Items box to save changes
  • Click: [Add To Order] at the bottom of the Add To Order box to add a line item
  • Click: {Update] in the Ship Group box to save edits

If you are using other Ship Group box buttons to edit, add an address, or add a ship group you will use other buttons provided to save those results.

Refer to the Reference Manual page Edit Order Items Screen for more details on editing the order entries.

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