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The "Edit Order Items" screen allows you to edit the items and adjustments of the order.

Clicking the [Cancel All Items] button will cancel all items in the entire order. (If you cancel all items in an order, you will cause the entire order to be canceled.)

Clicking on the [View Order] button will return you to the "View Order" screen without saving any changes to the order information that were not already saved.

If you are looking to change the quantity of an existing order item, edit the quantity next to each of its ship groups, and then press the [Update Order Items] button below it.

If you are looking to add a new item to the order, then you can use the "Add to Order" form at the bottom of the screen. This form would add a new order item, even if the same product is already on the order.

  • These are the existing Order Items you can modify in the Order Items box:
    • Item description
    • Unit price - To change the unit price Note: To save a unit price change, you must click on the check box next to the unit price box before pressing the [Update] button.
    • Quantity - You can (must) change the quantity in each ship group that is listed.
    • Clicking the [Cancel] button will cancel the item in a particular ship group.
    • Clicking the [Cancel All] button will cancel that item from all ship groups and remove that item from the order entirely.
    • In opentaps 1.4, there is a new drop down above [Update Items] for you to specify whether you would the order adjustments (taxes and promotional discounts) to be recalculated after the order has been updated.
    • Clicking the [Update Items] button will update the quantity, price, and description of all the order items you have changed.
  • Below the Order Items you can edit the descriptions and amounts of the Adjustments (such as "Shipping and Handling" or "Promotions"). Clicking the [Update] button will save the changes for that particular Adjustment only; clicking the [Delete] button will remove that Adjustment item.
  • Below the adjustment you can add additional adjustments. Select the adjustment type from the drop down menu, and if applicable associate the adjustment with a ship group from the second drop down menu. Enter the adjustment description and the amount and click the [Add] button.
  • In the "Add to Order" section you can add items to the order. When you add items to an order the system can recalculate taxes, shipping charges, and promotions for the whole order if you check the "Recalculate Order" box (see below). Enter the following information as pertains to the order
    • Catalog - Select the product catalog for pricing purposes.
    • Product ID - Enter the internal product ID, SKU, or UPC, or click the lookup widget to search for the product ID.
    • Enter the item price and click on the "Override Price" check box if you would like to force a price.
    • Enter the quantity of units to be added to the order.
    • Enter the ship group number that the item is being added to.
    • Click on the box next to "Realculate Order" (below the comments box) to cause the system to recalculate prices, shipping charges, and promotional discounts for the whole order, after the item has been added.
    • Otherwise, the item will be added with its own taxes, but the prices, shipping charges, and promotional discounts already existing on the order will not be changed.
  • Click the [Add To Order] button to save these changes.

This will take you back to the View Order Screen and create a note for the item you have added.

Thus, it is advisable to update each section of the order as you progress through you changes, so that none of your revisions is dropped inadvertently as you proceed with other changes elsewhere on the forms.

Refer to the User Manual page Edit or Cancel an Order.