Mark as Performed Screen

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This screen is designed to help you select the list of order items for nonphysical products, such as services, which are approved and marked them as "performed" so that they can be invoiced.

Enter order ID and click on [Find Order], and if an order is found with the ID, then a list of the nonphysical order items which are currently in the approved state will be displayed. The product ID, description, quantity, and unit price of each item will be displayed, and to the right will be a checkbox. Click on the checkbox for the items that you wish to have marked as performed.

Then, click on the [Mark as Performed] button on the bottom of the screen, and the system will change the status of these items from approved to performed. Note that an item is either approved or performed for its entire quantity -- you cannot mark an item as partially performed at this time.

See the User Manual page Invoicing for Services Performed for more information.