Introduction To The View Order Screen

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To open the View Order Screen:

 1. From the Main Navigation screen (splash screen) log in then Click: CRMSFA icon.
 2. Click the Orders Tab
 3. To locate the desired order use [My Order], or [Find Order], or [Order Queue].
    A list of orders you specified will open.
 4. From the order list click on the order Name or order ID link to open the order.

This opens the View Order Screen which includes a summary of all of the order information contained in the opentaps unified database, organized as eight (8) information boxes. In the following sections we will cover the processing of orders in context of the overall workflow for this type of work.

Refer to View Order Screen for details on how to use the set of functions provided on this page.

Refer to Creating New Orders for a step-by-step guide.

Refer to Accessing Your Orders for guidance on the ways to locate existing orders.

Refer to Edit or Cancel an Order to learn how orders are modified.

Refer to Shipping an Order to Multiple Destinations to see how Ship Groups can be used.

Refer to Invoicing for Services Performed to manage status of Services orders.

Refer to Processing Product Returns for the guide on returned merchandise processing.

The Orders Tab < Manual Pages > Creating New Orders

The Quotes Tab < Tabs Pages > Working with Partners

Reference Manual Page > View Order Screen