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To open the Create Order Screen:

 1. From the Main Navigation screen (splash screen) log in then Click: CRMSFA icon.
 2. Click the Orders Tab
 3. In the Shortcuts box Click: [Create Order] or [Resume Order] if you already have an order in
    preparation but not saved.
 Your new order will open, displaying a set of data entry boxes for specifying new order content.

Order Settings Box

The first section labeled "Order Settings" is used to capture the general information for this order. The fields are:

  • Store - This is the opentaps configured product store for the order, and cannot be changed after items have been added to the order. This may be your real product outlet or it may be the structure you have set up on opentaps to contain your catalogs, products, prices, and related data items.
  • Channel - This is used to track the sales channel that the order came through, for future analytical reports that you may need.
  • Order Name - This is the name of the order, that you can define any way you wish.
  • Customer - This is the system's identifier of the customer placing the order. With this ID the system will fill in the name of the customer. Use the look-up button to find the ID as needed.
  • PO # - This can be used to capture and track the purchase order number from your customer.

Now Click: [Update] in order to save the "Order Setting" information that you just entered. Once you click the [Update] button, if there are items already in the order and you try to change the customer the system will ask you whether to recalculate prices for the new customer, or keep the same prices. (Your product "store" will permit you to define prices that apply to specific customers only, if you need to do this.)

Order Summary Box

As you construct the order this box displays a running summary with information for each line item you have included (quantity, product, line item price) and the total adjustment made for any promotions that are included automatically. Such promotions are configured in the product catalog information for each product and "store" where appropriate.

The calculation of sales tax and shipping charges is not included. There items are created when you finish entering all the items, and eventually click the button to create the order.

Create Order Box

When you know the product ID or name for the item you are selling, you can enter the information directly into the Create Order box, along with the quantity and any comments and then Click: [Add to Order] to create the line item entry.

As you proceed in this manner, each line item is added to the display box below called "Order Items".

Browse and Search Box

When you don't know the product ID or name, the browse and search box aids in locating the full product information to use as you are entering the line items. If you have only a partial description of the desired item, such as a keyword, brand name, or partial product name you can enter it in the search box to find a list of candidates.

If you know the Catalog and Category in which the desired product can be found you can use the Catalog drop down box, and resulting list of Categories list to open a page that displays the product you want to locate. Select the product for your order from the list on that page.

To add a product from a browse or search list to the order you are working on, choose any options for that product that are displayed in the list, enter the quantity, and then Click: [Add to Cart]. This will add a product line item to your order.

Next, Click: [View Order] in the upper right-hand area of the screen to see the Create Order page again.

Promotion/Coupon Codes Box

These promotions are configured for your business in the Catalog section of opentaps and each promotions use a code number that is used to claim the benefit offered by that promotion. When you add an item to your order which has an active promotion, you can enter the code in this box. When the order is created, the system will look up the promotion and include appropriate adjustments to the line item price and total when you enter valid codes.

Order Items

In release 1.4, opentaps offers two different formats for the Order Items box as described in this page:

When you have entered all the line items for the order, you will see a summary of them at the bottom of the page. Now you can review the information you have entered and decide if you are ready to create the order.

You can edit or complete the entry of several items or you can delete each line item as follows:

  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • Ship After Date
  • Ship Before Date
  • and you can add tracking tags to the item for division, department, or activity
  • Check the "Delete" line item box on the right-hand end as appropriate

Click: [Update] at the top of the Order Items box to save these changes.

Ready To Create Order

Click: [Finalize Order] at the top of the page to complete the creation of your order. Now, the screen opens with two boxes:

  • Select Shipping Addresses and Methods
  • Select Payment Method

From the drop down boxes choose the correct customer destination address and shipping method or carrier for each of the Ship Groups of your order. You can also enter special Shipping Instructions in the comment box provided.

You can indicate your instructions for shipping the whole Ship Group as one, or for allowing partial shipment of items as they become available by using the drop down box provided.

If you have not already entered a Ship Before Date you can enter it in this box.

If there is a billing account set up for the shipping charges of this order, you can enter it in the "Billed to Account #" box provided.

In the "Select Payment Method" box, indicate how the customer is paying for this order.

Note: Your customer Account page will have payment methods configured for this customer and
one of these methods must be selected or added for use on this order. 

Click: [Review Order] to continue creating this order. Click: [Return to Order] to go back to the Orders page if some changes are required.

Review Order Screen

When you click [Review Order] the last page of review is opened presenting the overall order summary, and including these for choices:

  • [Clear Items] and reconstruct the order
  • [Return to Order] to go back and make modifications to the order
  • [Options] to go back and change the shipping addresses, methods, or payment methods
  • [Create Order] to make the order official and ready for approval and delivery.

When you click [Create Order] the View Order Screen will open. You can look at this screen, the "Order # Information" box, the "Status History" item to see that your order is in either "Created" status, or "Approved" status. If it is "Created" but is not "Approved" you may need to seek approval in order to move the order processing forward.

Refer to the View Order Screen for guidance concerning all of the information available about your order now.

If You Are Not Ready To Create Order

Caution: If you need to start over with entry of product line items 
Click: [Cancel Items].  Use caution, you cannot reverse this action once you have removed
your items.

If you decide that you are not ready to create the whole order yet, but you would like to keep your work for an expected order, then you can use the option of creating a Quote from your work instead of an order. Proceed as follows:

Click: [Save As Quote] at the top of the page to save your work as a quote.

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