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This screen allows you to create a sales order, and it is divided into the following subsections.

Order Settings

This section is used to set parameters for the entire order. The fields are:

  • Store - This is the product store for the order, and cannot be changed after items have been added to the order.
  • Channel - This is used to track the sales channel that the order came through.
  • Order Name - This is the name of the order.
  • Customer - This is the identifier of the customer placing the order.
  • PO # - This can be used to track the purchase order number from your customer.

Once you click the [Update] button, if there are items already in the order and you try to change the customer the system will ask you whether to recalculate prices for the new customer, or keep the same prices.

Order Summary

This is a list of the items in the order, their prices, and the order total.

Promotion/Coupon Codes

This section allows you to enter a promotion or coupon code to apply a discount to the order.

Browse and Search

This section allows you to search for a product using keywords, or browse through the catalog using the category structure (as if you were using the online store).

User Manual Page > Creating New Orders