Customer Registration or Anonymous Shoppers at Your E-commerce Store

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Registered Customers

Registered Customers can log into the Web Site Store using their Username and Password obtained during registration, and then enjoy simplified check out processing.

Visitors can register on the Web Site Store and obtain the Username and Password if they desire by clicking on the [Login] button on the Web Store screen, and then the "New User" [Create] button.

WARNING: While the terminology "new account" is used on the "New User" box,
and on the registration screen that opens labeled "Request a New Account",
the result of filling in this page and saving it using the [Save] button is
not actually an Account -- like in CRM/SFA. It is just a Registration, see
the following explanation of Capabilities and Limitations.


Registered Customers have access to the Web Store and it's features, but they do not have access to the opentaps business management system pages. REgistered Customers do have a Party Profile page like other Users of opentaps, so be careful about managing Customers Profiles versus managing business insiders like employees.

Thus, managing Customer Profile information such as Usernames and Passwords, addresses and other items is described in the section, Create_Users_and_User_Profiles which also describes managing business management system Users of opentaps.

A Registered Customer can edit their profile information by clicking the [Profile] button at the top of the Web Site Store page. They cannot access any other parts of opentaps (unless you give them additional access.)

Other Users that already have a Username and Password on the system, such as employees or Partners can also log into the Web Site Store and they can check out an order with their existing Profile set up.


Note that Registered Customers have the Profile page Roles of "Contact" and "Customer". But they do not have CRM/SFA type Accounts following registration. Also, their Username does not have any Security Group privileges on the system, and they should not be granted any such privileges in general if they are regular Customers.

If a Registered Customer desires an account, their Contact information can be managed in the CRM/SFA function and associated with any new account that you set up for them in CRM/SFA.

(As explained above, Registered Customers can process orders with expedited check out, and they can keep Shopping Lists on the Web Store, etc.)

Anonymous Customers

An anonymous Customer can create Shopping Cart contents and then check out without the need for Login unless the particular selected Cart items require Login. (For example, purchasing a serialized Product may require registration in support of Product tracking.)

This check out is handled by clicking the [Check out] or [Quick Checkout] and then selecting an option in the "Checkout without Login" box. The options are:

  • Check out
  • Quick Checkout
  • One Page Checkout

Information is collected to support delivery of the order, order support, and payment. Customer information is not stored permanently for future use once the order is processed.

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