Your Customer's Online Shopping Experience

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Shopping Experience

Your Customer's shopping experience is determined by the items we will discuss in this section of the guide:

  • The Store Layout and Navigation -- Ease of shopping and finding the interesting stuff.
  • * The Page Layout for products -- Finding the product information that is most important when shopping.
  • The Catalogs and Categories -- Locating what the Customer is looking for, again.
  • Buying and Checking Out -- Smoothly transitioning from shopping to checking out, to verifying order status, to returning merchandise when necessary.

In the next part, we begin with the store layout and main pages, including how you can configure all of the main characteristics of each part of the out-of-the-box Web Site Store.

Following these parts, we will discuss all of the features of the store that provide for Marketing programs, in a section devoted to that topic. Of course, the Marketing also has a strong influence on the Customer's shopping experience.

About Web Store Customization

Although the Web Store is programmed in the popular languages of HTML, XML, and CSS making it easily customizable, that topic is beyond the scope of this User Manual. Other resources such as technical references, and the user Forum are available and contain information about customization, and access to other experts in the relevant topics. Refer to these links,

Using_Categories_for_Web-Site_Store_Presentation_Control << Manual Pages >> Web_Store_Layout_and_Page_Navigation

Your_Customer's_Online_Shopping_Experience << Section Pages >> Marketing_Functionality_in_the_Online_Web-Site_Store