Using Categories for Web-Site Store Presentation Control

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About Product Catalog Category Type

The [Catalog] > "Edit Product Catalog" page > [Categories] tab shows the different Product Catalog Category Types, used primarily for controlling the presentation of information on the Web Site Store, and their options and functions in the selected Product Catalog. Specifically, these available Types and the associated functions are the following:

  • Catalog –- standard product catalog category, containing products and descriptive information to be presented on the Web Store Site.
  • Quick Add –- products in these categories can be added all at once to a Web Site order.
  • Promotions –- the products in the Promotions Category will be shown on the middle of the home page of the associated E-Commerce Store (Web Store) -- to all visitors.
  • Browse Root –- Browse Root category is a mandatory category that serves only as the primary or "root" category to which all others are attached for the Web Store. It then supports Users browsing through the E-Commerce Store on the store web site.
  • Default Search – product searches by default are done in this category and search results will not include products omitted from Default Search.
* CAUTION:  Do not confuse the above list of category types with another list
  which has a different purpose.  The other one is called Product Category Type 
  and it is used in defining the purpose of the Category according to how it
  is used in marketing processes, not in web site presentation.

About Default Search

The default behavior of the store product search function is to return all products that match the search criteria, for all catalogs of the store.

If you want only a subset of your products to show up in your online store search results, then you must create a unique category, add only the product subset to it, and then make it the “Default Search” category. Otherwise, your stores’ search feature will return all products, including those which should not be viewed.

Other WebStore Presentation Categories

Other categories available for WebStore presentation control include these:

  • “What's New”
  • “Most Popular”

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