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The single most important feature of the Web Site Store in opentaps is that the store is fully integrated with every one of the business management systems that opentaps provides. This suggests that the Web Store is likely to be a consistently efficient part of the business you are operating.

The integrated Web Site Store is one digital realization of an Internet store front that is built from data in the Catalog Manager Application, specifically:

  • Data about the Virtual Store which operates behind the Web Site Store
  • Data about the Products and Catalogs
  • Information about Marketing features or Marketing programs which are used in the Web Site Store

This means that the Web Store has it's roots in the same opentaps data structures that are used to run the rest of the business.

The Customer Experience

For a general introduction to these topics, refer to the User Guide section Introduction_to_Catalog_Manager_Concepts_and_Terminology for background. In this chapter we will focus on how these items, which are set up and configured in the Catalog Manager, will then appear and be used in the Web Store.

Once the Web Site Store is configured as explained in the following pages, it provides Customers a shopping experience via the Customer's Web Browser, that is very similar to the best web site stores on the Internet.

A few of the characteristics of the Web Store are less configurable, or can only be modified via programming customization, such as:

  • The page designs, the layout of objects and the styles are defined in the server file system using HTML and CSS which can be readily modified by a programmer to make the Web Store appearance unique. (We do not cover customization here.)
  • The Shopping Cart and Check out are Web Store order processing programs that we will explain in terms of the Customer experience when using them.

Marketing Functions

In the second part of this chapter, we will discuss the use of each of the several Marketing functions listed in the table of contents that can be applied in the Web Store.

Other Options

Finally, we will point to information about using Web Stores other than the standard integrated store, with an example of integrating with the Magento store, opentaps Magento Integration.

Manual Pages >> Configuring_and_Publishing_Your_Web-Site_Store

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