Configuring and Publishing Your Web-Site Store

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Using the integrated Web Site Store provided in opentaps requires that the following steps of configuration be completed:

  • Set up the Company's Products according to the section, Working_with_Products_in_the_Catalog. This includes set up for Products, Catalogs and related items.
  • Set up the Company's Virtual Store according to the section, Working_with_the_Product_Store(s). This is the basic "store" functionality that works with the front ends such as the Web Site Store.
  • Configure the programming options as follows:
    • Determine where the web browser will find the Web Store site,
      • The internet address (URL) and port of the Web Store site,
      • Configure the Web Site Store mount point on the web application server.
    • Configure the localization options for language and for taxation facilities.
  • Customer Shopping Functions -- Utilize the Web Site Store features that provide the Customer Shopping functions such as categories and catalogs.

In the following sections of the User Manual we will cover each of these topics in more detail.

Web-Site_Online_Stores_for_your_Catalogs_and_Products << Manual Pages >> Browsing_to_the_Web_Store_--_Configure_the_Mount_Point

Web-Site Online Stores for your Catalogs and Products << Section Pages >> Your_Customer's_Online_Shopping_Experience