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When opentaps is first installed the eCommerce store is located at the same address (URL) as the rest of the opentaps system and in the directory /ecommerce of that address. Thus, your Customer would have to access the eCommerce site by browsing to something like this:

Also, the opentaps business management system is by default located at:

While this will work, you may prefer that Customers not be required to provide a port number (like 8080) or a directory (such as /ecommerce) before they see your eCommerce home page. The following configuration will put your eCommerce site on the URL you are providing without requiring your Customers to enter those extra items into their browser address field.

Ask your Technical System Administrator to make these two configuration changes.

Configuring the Simple URL for Your eCommerce Site

To eliminate the need for Customers to specify port numbers or directories when they want to see your eCommerce home page, make these changes:

Mount Point Configuration

Mount Point Configuration:
Open the opentaps installation directory and the file with your editor:
Find the line entry near the bottom of the page that begins,
    <webapp name="ecommerce" title=...  ...mount-point="/ecommerce"...
Change this line to read: 
    <webapp name="ecommerce" title=...  ...mount-point="/"...
Save the change and exit.

eCommerce Port Configuration

WARNING: Make sure that you do not have another web site running on your URL already, which uses port 80, which is the industry standard default port number for http web sites such as those beginning with, for example: http: // If you have one of these running, the following change will produce conflicts and errors. Don't change opentaps to use port 80 in that case, continue to use another port such as 8080.

Port Configuration to Default 80:
Open the opentaps installation directory and the file with your editor:
Find the line that reads: port.http=8080
Change this line to read: port.http=80
Save the change, and exit.

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