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The User Profile captures all the information that is basic to the User Identity on the system. The User definition includes not only personal identification and contact information, but also the job role and the security information that controls access and authority to act upon business processes and data.

Thus, it is very important to set up the corresponding User profile information accurately and carefully. Consider these notes before you start:

1. You will assign at least one role for the person corresponding to their job responsibility:

For example use one of these for a Customer & Sales person:
         “Account manager”
         “Account Rep”

(Note that each person can have other roles, such as “Employee”, but the above three roles are required to access and control functions in the CRM processes.)

2. Along with the user login and initial password, you will associate a security group (which is a permission control group that signifies access and authority to take actions on business processes):

 For example use one of these for a Customer & Sales person.)
         SALES_MANAGER, gives manager permissions
         SALES_REP, gives full account team member permission
         SALES_REP_LIMITED, SALES_REP_TRAINEE, CSR for team members without account assignments

(Note, CSR is a customer service representative.)

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