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Managing the sales teams and account team assignments requires specific roles and security groups in your User Profile.

Rule: You must be a person responsible for the account team management job in order to make team assignments. This means your User ID must have the Security Group called Sales_Manager or Account_Owner which contains the permission called "CRMSFA_TEAM_ASSIGN" (Assign new members to an account or team). If you have this level of permission then you can proceed.

To assign a team to a specific existing account or one you have just created follow these steps:

1 Navigate from the main (splash) screen to the specific account screen as follows,
Click: CRM > Accounts > [My Accounts] or [My Team's Accounts] as appropriate
2 Click on the Account Name link for the desired account if listed.  If it is assigned to you
already or to a team of which you are a member, the account link will be displayed.
3 If the account you want is not yet assigned, Click: [Find Accounts] in the Shortcuts box.
4 Enter a part of the account name in the Account Name box and Click: [Find Accounts]
Click the desired link in the list so that the Account Details screen will open. Look toward the
bottom of the Accounts box to find the second small box called Assign Team.  (If there are
already some Account Team members assigned this box will not be displayed.) Click the drop down
and select a Sales Team to assign
to this account if desired. Click: Assign.
5 If the box is not displayed, or if you wish to assign or change Account Team members one by
one, then look at the bottom box on this page, called "Team Members Assigned To This Account".
6 Use the New Team Member lookup box to find your member who are available, assign their team
role from the drop down list, and Click: [Add]

Rule: Team members must have specific User ID assigned Roles and Security Groups. Refer to Creating New Team Members for details.

Modify the Account Team

To modify Account Team membership or team roles, begin at step 4 and use the "Role Update" drop down box and [Update] button or the [Remove] button to modify team assignments.

View Team Screen < User Manual pages > Sales Teams and Account Teams

Working with Partners < Tabs Pages > Managing Sales

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