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To proceed with purchase orders navigate to the Orders Tab as follows:

* From Main Navigation screen Click: Purchasing icon
* Click: Orders Tab
* The "Open Orders" screen opens.

The Shortcuts box for the Orders Tab provides links to these functions:

   * Open Orders - for locating orders to work on
   * Find Orders - using search to locate orders
   * Create Orders - create new purchase orders
   * Invoice Supplies - invoice orders for supplies (expense items, not inventory)
   * Estimated Delivery Date - update delivery dates
   Click on any of these links to see the Reference Manual Help page for the screen.
   Other relevant buttons include these:
   * Edit Purchase Order Screen
   * View Purchase Order Screen

Open Orders

This screen displays all purchase orders that have been created but have not yet been fulfilled, and provides the following information:

   * Order Date - This is the date and time that the order was created.
   * Order Name - This is the internal order number. Clicking on the order name will take you 
     to the View Purchase Order Screen
   * Supplier - This is the name of the supplier with whom you have placed the order.
   * Status - This is the current status of the order (for example, "Created").
   * Amount - This is the total value of the order.

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